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Welcome to Kaanapali Golf Resort, where luxury meets the unparalleled beauty of Hawaii’s premier golfing destination. As one of the top golf resorts in the world, we strive to provide a memorable experience for our guests, delivering exceptional service and world-class golfing facilities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at Kaanapali Golf Resort is to create an environment that offers an extraordinary golfing experience, blending the stunning natural beauty of Maui with impeccable service and championship-level courses. We aspire to be the ultimate destination for golf aficionados, offering a seamless fusion of luxury, tranquility, and sporting excellence.


Kaanapali Golf Resort was founded in 1962 with a passion for bringing world-class golfing to the serene shores of Maui. The resort quickly gained a reputation as one of Hawaii’s premier golf destinations due to its meticulously designed courses and breathtaking ocean vistas. Since then, we have continued to enhance our offerings and maintain our position as a top choice for golf enthusiasts.

Founder – Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss, a visionary entrepreneur and avid golfer, is the driving force behind Kaanapali Golf Resort. Her passion for the sport and her desire to create a haven for both seasoned and amateur golfers propelled her to establish this remarkable resort. With her clear vision and unwavering dedication, Sarah Moss has made Kaanapali Golf Resort synonymous with both luxury and unparalleled golfing experiences.

The Kaanapali Golf Resort Website

Our website is designed to serve as your portal into the world of Kaanapali Golf Resort. We understand that golfing enthusiasts value convenience and seamless access to information, which is exactly what we aim to provide.


  • Share information about our championship golf courses, facilities, and services
  • Keep our guests updated on upcoming events and promotions
  • Facilitate easy online bookings for tee times and golf lessons
  • Offer a platform for engagement and communication with the Kaanapali Golf Resort community

Target Audience

Our website is tailored to meet the needs of various audiences, including:

  • Golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable golfing experience
  • Individuals planning a luxurious vacation in Maui, with access to stunning golf facilities
  • Tournament organizers looking for outstanding venues to host golf events
  • Golf professionals interested in sharpening their skills and seeking training opportunities

Unique Value

What sets our website apart is the team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members relentlessly working behind the scenes. Combining their immense knowledge and passion for customer satisfaction, our team strives to maintain the highest standards and provide unmatched service to our website visitors.

With our website, you gain access to comprehensive golfing information, enticing visuals, and a seamless user experience. Allow us to be your trusted resource, guiding you through an extraordinary journey in the paradise we call Kaanapali Golf Resort.

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